Welcome to my new blog about dolls of the French Court. I have consolidated my former French Dolls web page into this blog format to allow me to easily update you about new acquisitions to this group of my collection and share any articles or news I encounter about collecting dolls, historical figures, and miniatures depicting historical French figures. I hope you enjoy reading it! The historical figure at right is Princess Lamballe by artist/historian George S. Stuart. Mr. Stuart spends up to six months creating his one-of-a-kind museum-quality figures. He meticulously recreates all clothing and accessories after carefully researching available historical documents and extant portraits of the individual.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Madame Pompadour by Evelt

Madame Pompadour by Evelt
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Recently, I watched the new film about Marie Antoinette and Madame Pompadour was wearing a gown with a vertical row of bows down the center of her bodice just as depicted on this doll.

Although the faces of the female Evelt dolls are mostly cast from the same mold the costumes are lavish and unique. Madame Pompadour must have been particularly fond of bows as I have another portrait doll of her produced by the Franklin Mint that is also dressed in a bow-adorned fashion. This porcelain doll was produced in Europe. I was able to obtain her with a winning bid on Ebay. Evelt dolls were originally priced at an average of 86 British pounds but I was able to add her to my collection for less than $50 (US).